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HeroQuest Game System
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HeroQuest Against the Ogre Horde HeroQuest Wizards of Morcar
HeroQuest Mage of the Mirror HeroQuest The Frozen Horror
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Rules for Expanding
Milton Bradley's fantasy board game

Published Rules - Shops - Expansion Rules
Advancement Rules - Solo Rules

Rules & Reviews

New Rules, Tips and Reviews published in the obscure fanzines.

HeroQuest Games Review Monthly

Review: HeroQuest Game System
by: Graham Carr

Published in Games Review Monthly, issue 11, August 1989.

Volume I #2

Review: Mage of the Mirror
& Hall of Foes
by: Carl Forhan

Published in the Vindicator, volume 1, number 2.

Volume I #3

Review: The Frozen Horror
& Hall of Foes II
by: Carl Forhan

Published in the Vindicator, volume 1, number 3.

Volume I #4

HeroQuest Variants
by: Carl Forhan & Chris Knight

Published in the Vindicator, volume 1, number 4.

Volume I #5a

The Rogue, a New Hero for HeroQuest
by: Carl Forhan

Published in the Vindicator, volume 1, number 5a.

Volume II #3

HeroQuest Treasure Cards
by: Ronald Pehr

Published in the Vindicator, volume 2, number 3.

Fractal Spectrum Issue #13

HeroQuest: A Notch Above
by: Carl Forhan

Published in the Fractal Spectrum, issue 13.

Fractal Spectrum Issue #17

Hall of Foes III
by: Carl Forhan

Published in the Fractal Spectrum, issue 17.

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Potions to expand the Alchemist's Shop
by: Dewayne Agin


Weapons to expand the Armoury
by: Dewayne Agin

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Expansion Rules

A Notch Above

Tweaks and Quest design advice
by: Carl Forhan


Rules for incorporating Fate Points into HeroQuest
by: Dewayne Agin

Gold Tested in Fire

Quest design ideas for special encounters
by: Carl Forhan


Rules for the Skaven Expansion
by: Azrael

Don't forget the Skaven Cards!

HeroQuest Busby Supplemental Rules

Expanded Game Rules
by: Jacob Busby


Variant Rules
by: Carl Forhan

Special rules to bring new life to HeroQuest. Also great for Quest design ideas

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Advancement Rules


Advancement Rules
by: Dewayne Agin

Rules for advancing Hero Statistics and Spell Casting Knowledge

HeroQuest Lastgunslinger Revised System Rules

Revised System Rules
Version 2.0
by: lastgunslinger

HeroQuest Imperial Academy by Phoenix

The Imperial Academy
by: Phoenix

Note: External Link
You will be redirected to the Resource Download page at the HeroQuest by Phoenix Website.

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Solo Rules


Solo HeroQuest
by: Carl Forhan

A guide to playing HeroQuest with only one player

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