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Important: Terms of Use

All Artwork in the Graphics Files that are available for download from this page were created by Ron Shirtz. All of the images are © 1999-2008 by Ron Shirtz.

Although permission is granted to individual users to download and print multiple copies of the images for use in gameplay, the images and the files which contain them are NOT in the public domain. All rights are reserved.

Individuals wishing to make any or all of these images available on a website, CD-ROM or by other means of mass distribution, whether for free or for profit, must first request and receive permission of the copyright owner. Persons interested in doing so can contact Ron Shirtz.

Each of the downloadable ZIP files below contains a text file entitled "read me" which incorporates these Terms of Use. That "read me" file must always accompany the image file.

Tiles by Ron Shirtz

Deluxe Tiles - Free Tiles

Purchase Deluxe Tiles

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Deluxe Tiles

Deluxe Tiles

Ron Shirtz' amazing Deluxe Tiles are available in four different series:

Bundles are available with great savings! Not only will the purchase of a Deluxe tile expand your fantasy gaming, but it's a great way to say, "Thank You, Ron Shirtz! (and keep the tiles coming!)" for all the hard work he's put into the hundreds of fantastic tiles he's made available to all of us, free of charge. 10% of each tile sold also goes toward maintaining Ye Olde Inn so that these resources remain available for all fans.

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Download Free Tiles

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz HeroQuest Tiles

HeroQuest Tiles

Tiles designed for Milton Bradley's HeroQuest Board Game

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Palace Tiles

Royal Palace Tiles

Tiles designed for a Majestic Gaming Experience

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Olde Agin's Inn Tiles

Olde Agin's Inn Tiles

Historical Agin's Inn. For those who charish the legacies of the past!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Agin's Inn Tiles

Agin's Inn Tiles

Tiles designed with the Weary Hero in mind.

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Pit Tiles

Dungeon Pit Tiles

Tiles designed to thwart those travellers who fail to watch their step!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Lava Tiles

Lava Tiles

Tiles designed to keep even the most Elite Adventurer hot on their toes!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Outdoor Terrain Tiles

Outdoor Terrain Tiles

Tiles designed for Adventurers who are tired of exploring Dank Caves and Musty Old Tombs

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Dungeon Tiles

Dungeon Tiles

Tiles designed for Adventurers who like to explore the dangerous, strange and unknown.

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Cave Tiles

Cave Tiles

Tiles designed for Dwarves and those adventurers who aren't afraid of the dark.

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Ice Caverns

Ice Caverns

Tiles designed for adventurers who wear more clothing than the Barbarian!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Mines


Tiles designed to create an authentic Mine style setting. They go great with the Cave Tiles.

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Sea Tiles

Sea Tiles

Seafaring Tiles designed for all ye scurvy dogs!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Dungeon Accessories

Dungeon Accessories

Accessories designed to enhance your imagination, spruce up your dungeons, or thwart adventurers.

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz Sci-fi Tiles

Sci-fi Tiles

Originally designed for use in Milton Bradley's Space Crusade, these tiles could be used in your HeroQuest adventures. Perhaps in a 'futuristic' quest, or there can be an ancient space ship buried deep within the earth for centuries.
...Or you could use them in Space Crusade and Space Hulk!

HeroQuest Ron Shirtz LOTR Tiles

Lord of the Rings Banners and Tile Sets

Tile sets and Miniature Banners for the Lord of the Rings.

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